What is botkeeper?

The botkeeper Solution


What is a botkeeper?

Think of your botkeeper as a dedicated permanent bookkeeper providing accounting services virtually.  Behind your bot is a combination of technology (machine learning and robotic process automation) and human assistance.  Your bot will interact with you, answer your questions, and prompt you for information when needed just as a bookkeeper would. But unlike a bookkeeper, botkeeper is available to you full-time, does not require sick or vacation time, and is always pleasant to work with. Your botkeeper continuously learns, improves, and gets better at your bookkeeping as it learns the nuances associated with your business and accounting needs.
botkeeper will securely accesses your information (banks, credit cards, accounting software etc.) to make entries, track and schedule revenue and deferred expenses, account for payroll, reconcile bank accounts, and sends invoices. It’s a bookkeeper but only better!

I get a botkeeper AND a Dedicated Accountant?

Yes! In addition to being assigned a botkeeper, you are also assigned an experienced accountant to review your financials and handle any urgent, custom or complex tasks associated with doing your accounting.  Have a question or simply want advice? Call or email your friendly dedicated accountant.  Your dedicated accountant also acts as a quality assurance mechanism, ensuring accurate and timely accounting.

botkeeper allows you to choose the reporting you want! (See some options below)

– Income Statement
– Balance Sheet
– Cash Flow Statement
– Accounts Receivable Aging Report
– Accounts Payable Aging Report
– Actual vs. Budget
– Variance Analysis
– Profitability by Job
– Profit and Loss by Revenue Segment (Class Tracking)
– Dashboards
– Key Performance Indicators
– Forecast
– Grant Reports
– Donor Reports and Statements
– Other Custom Reports


Compare botkeeper To Other Solutions

botkeeper Outsourced Firm Contract Bookkeeper

Transaction Based Pricing?Fixed fees based on usage levels rather than hours or vague flat rates.

Pricing that Scales? By automating a large majority of your accounting with botkeeper, we can provide volume based. botkeeper scales with your business so you don't need to find a new solution.

Hourly Rate Approximates? Though botkeeper does not bill hourly, our pricing can be compared to an hourly wage that fluctuates between $20-$30/hr

$15-30/hr $50-$125/hr $30-$75/hr

No Integration Fees? botkeeper does not charge an integration fee. Instead botkeeper simply bills hourly for cleanup and catch up.

No End of Year Fees

Get Started in 1 Hour? Select your package, schedule an onboarding call, and be up and running with botkeeper in less than an hour.

No Cancellation Fees? No long term contracts or cancellation fees. Cancel service anytime and botkeeper will assist in transitioning to another solution.

Industry Agnostic? botkeeper has been programmed and trained on bookkeeping and accounting across all industries.

Increased Security? botkeeper’s technology, controls, and reduced human interaction with your finances make it a more secure and a safer alternative than hiring a bookkeeper or outsourced firm. Security features include: 256 bit SSL encryption for content access, Amazon AWS S3 data centers, which are ISO27001, SAS70 & PCI certified, and compliance with US federal government customer requirements for our app/portal by being FISMA and FIPs certified.

No Sales Reps? We do not have any sales reps nor waste your time with presentations. No Sales = No Commissions = lower costs to our clients.

Robot Bookkeepers

Integrated Systems? Connecting your accounting software to other software, programs, systems, and accounts used by your business. Thus resulting in access to more data, which means more reporting, automated data entry, faster financials, less human error, and lower cost.

Cutting Edge Technology? botkeeper is The Future of Bookkeeping, using state of art machine learning, procedures, processes, and programs to do the bookkeeping.

Automation? botkeeper's technology and programs provide increased automation and less manual entry compared with hiring a bookkeeper.

No Bookkeeper Transitions? Avoid painful transitions of bookkeepers with botkeeper. botkeeper can remain your accounting solution for as long as you wish.

24/7 Accounting with Phone Availability (9am - 5pm)? Your accounting gets done around the clock, including while you sleep and on the weekend. botkeeper can be last bookkeeper you ever hire as it will never go on vacation, call in sick, retire, or leave for another job.

botkeeper + Dedicated Accountant = Perfect Match? Your botkeeper will do most of the day-to-day work keeping cost down, while your dedicated accountant is available to support your business, any custom or complex needs, and reviews your bookkeeping weekly. The result is accurate, reliable, and insightful accounting at an affordable price.

Guaranteed Quality Bookkeeping? If botkeeper makes a mistake, we will own it and address it efficiently and immediately and issue a refund if warranted.

Onboarding by a Dedicated Accountant? As part of botkeepers initial onboarding process, you will work with one of our experienced CPAs to set up best practices and systems for a seamless and efficient solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course! botkeeper is a month to month engagement.

Does botkeeper do taxes?

No, but we can refer you to a great CPA firm in our network.

Do you replace the need for a payroll company?

No, but we can administer payroll and refer you to one of our partners if you don’t have a payroll provider.

Do you replace the need for a benefits broker?

No, but we can administer benefits paperwork and refer you to one of our partners if you don’t have a broker.