How it works

Save time and money by automating your bookkeeping with botkeeper. Botkeeper provides businesses with a powerful combination of skilled accountants and automated data entry through the use of machine learning and AI. Botkeeper clients receive 24/7 accounting and support as well as incredible insight into their financials with beautiful dashboards and unlimited reporting. With botkeeper, companies can grow from 0 to 100+ employees and on average save 50% compared to the cost of a bookkeeper or outsourced firm.


Data is extracted from both financial and non-financial sources.


Botkeeper software categorizes expenses, pays bills, invoices customers, accrues revenue and expenses, reconciles accounts, and enters data into your accounting software.


Botkeeper's team of skilled accountants review your data to ensure accuracy, handle complex accounting, and assist with any needs or challenges.


Your botkeeper portal provides customizable dashboards and reporting that combine financial and non-financial data for a 360-degree view of your business.

Real Time Data Entry

Fully Custom Dashboards

Accurate Reporting

Combining Financial & Non financial Data

Interaction with botkeeper

Email or chat with your bot the same way you would a bookkeeper…only better!

With same day response and automated processes, time-consuming tasks are now taken off your plate with a click of a button. In the case of a fire-drill or urgent matter, you can also call or email our Support Team of skilled accountants.

Leave the bookkeeping to botkeeper and get back to growing your business and doing the things you love.


Reliability & Consistency

24/7 bookkeeping, bank-grade security, and skilled accountants ensure your books are always handled and always accurate

Save 50-75% over competing solutions

Savings and scalability with automation instead of manual data entry

Seamless integration & Improvement

Up and running in a couple hours, botkeeper quickly learns the subtle, custom nuances of your business and continuously improves over time


Transaction Based Pricing
Pricing that Scales
Hourly Rate Approximates $15-30/hr $50-$125/hr $30-$75/hr
No Integration Fees
No End of Year Fees
Get Started in 1 Hour
No Cancellation Fees
Industry Agnostic
Increased Security
No Sales Reps
Robot Bookkeepers
Integrated Systems
Cutting Edge Technology
No Bookkeeper Transitions
24/7 Accounting with Phone Availability (8am - 6pm)
botkeeper + Skilled Accountants = Perfect Match
Guaranteed Quality Bookkeeping
Onboarding by a Skilled Accountant

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cancel anytime?

Of course! botkeeper is a month to month engagement.

2. Does botkeeper do taxes?

No, but we can refer you to a great CPA firm in our network.

3. Do you replace the need for a payroll company?

No, but we can administer payroll and refer you to one of our partners if you don’t have a payroll provider.

4. Do you replace the need for a benefits broker?

No, but we can administer benefits paperwork and refer you to one of our partners if you don’t have a broker.

5. How does the automation work?

We import your financial and non-financial data and run it through our platform which leverages machine learning and AI to trigger events and accounting decisions (such as classifications, data entry, accruals, etc.) which are then automatically entered into your accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero. We also have a team of skilled accountants who oversee the process and review all work to ensure whatever we can’t automate is always taken care of.

6. Do I have a team or bookkeeper with botkeeper?

Botkeeper perfectly pairs human touch and skilled accounting support with automated data entry. A Support Team of skilled accountants are available for you to call or email anytime. They will also reach out to you if they have any questions, insights, or simply need some additional information from you to do your accounting.

7. Is botkeeper secure?

Keeping your data secure is our top priority. We use 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection and data loss prevention systems to ensure your data stays secure. In addition, our entire team undergoes continuous information security training, and our portal is FISMA and FIPs certified.

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