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Why We're Inviting Firms to Evaluate Automation—And Get Paid for It

By Aaron Sullivan on Jun 4, 2021 3:46:50 PM

Thinking About Automation at Your Firm? Get Rewarded for Exploring Botkeeper

It's not clickbait, and it's not a gimmick. We're really paying accountants/firms to explore the idea of adding automation to their firm operations!

And here's why: our mission is to bring value to the accounting profession in all aspects of what we do. We know this is the time of year that accountants and firms are finally taking a deep breath after working themselves to the bone during the busy season. Our Accounting Partners take advantage of this time of year to rest and relax and enjoy their summer before focusing on the back half of the year.

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7 min read

Who Benefits the Most From Automation at Your Firm?

By Aaron Sullivan on Mar 2, 2021 4:00:00 PM

New tech can give accounting firm owners and partners mixed emotions. On one hand, there’s the hope of improving processes while driving greater revenue. On the other hand, there are concerns related to cost and how to implement a new tool across the entire company. There’s a lot to consider!

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