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3 min read

Tips for Maintaining Bookkeeping Disciplines When Your Client Base Doubles

Rapid business growth and increased sales are often the epitome of a “good problem” for accounting firms. While doubling your client base generally means an exponential rise in revenue, unprecedented growth tends to be a great disruptor for bookkeeping....
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2 min read

Botkeeper Welcomes Boston-Based Intellistack Into Partner Ecosystem

Boston, MA – Today, IntelliStack announces that it has now joined the Botkeeper Partner Program Ecosystem. Botkeeper, a leading automated bookkeeping solution, works hand-in-hand with Accounting Firms to help grow their business, improve margins, and...

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11 min read

Botkeeper vs. Veryfi — Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Watching the accounting space over the last 5 years has been quite a whirlwind for an industry that was like a dinosaur for more than a decade! Within those prehistoric times, many accounting firm and business owners associated doing their books with the...

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15 min read

Botkeeper vs. ScaleFactor vs. Pilot vs. Bench: Which Bookkeeping Software is Right for Your Business?

Update: As of June 23, 2020, ScaleFactor announced that it would be closing.

Whether you run a startup company or manage a billion-dollar enterprise, bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks for any business. Business owners want (and need) to...

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Botkeeper Gartner Cool Vendor v2

2 min read

Gartner Says Botkeeper Is a "Cool Vendor," and We Tend to Agree

After many formative years building Erector Sets and solving Rubik's Cubes, we at Botkeeper are delighted to finally be recognized as “cool” by the global research and advisory firm Gartner! Although the designation might not pack the same social punch...

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