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3 min read

So You Think AI Is Going to Replace Us? What AI Can and Can’t Do

You might think that current Artificial Intelligence or AI is a know-all machine capable of doing nearly anything. But this is far from the truth....

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3 min read

Burnout Sucks, We Know

With the tax season behind us, you can finally catch your breath. But what comes after the long hours and high pressure? For many of us, it’s all too...

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5 min read

Managing stress starts and ends with your senses

In the accounting industry, professionals are commonly working 50+ hour weeks all year long. During busier times, however, that weekly number can...

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4 min read

These Practical Leadership Skills Will Keep Your Team from Burnout

Your busiest season is nearly here, again. (As if you even need anyone telling you, like you didn’t already know, right?) That said, it’s still true....

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