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4 min read

How accounting education is changing

Most accountants feel that the accounting profession is undergoing a monumental shift (and it is). The whole world is on a fast-moving technology train, and the financial tech (Fintech) space is one of the engines driving the train. Have trouble keeping...

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4 min read

Your firm is only as good as your networking

When it comes to staffing your accounting firm, you likely use one of three criteria for posting an open position:

  • Timing: Seasonal hiring is prevalent in the accounting industry, usually ramping up in Q4.

  • Attrition: An accountant leaves, or retires,...

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4 min read

Resignations and M&A are driving more accounting automation

For years now, firms have listed finding and/or retaining talent as one of their top issues. Before COVID. Before The Great Resignation. Before M&A activity even started going completely off the charts.

The talent acquisition and retention landscape...

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6 min read

What Accounting Firms Need to Know to Overcome Talent Retention Challenges

Talent shortage is a problem in accounting. It has been for decades, and it’s only getting worse. Firms face a historical struggle to find quality accountants—and keep them—while focusing on growing the business.

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5 min read

Is Your Firm 'Modern'? Look at How You Hire to Find Out

Every accounting firm is a business, but does that mean your firm should function like a traditional company? A typical business has many moving parts, a variety of roles, and a structure in place. It’s an entire system that revolves around the company’s...

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3 min read

These New Strategies Will Save You Seasonal Hiring Stress

We’ve all heard about or experienced firsthand some awful stories about hiring for tax season, and we do our best to avoid them from happening to us—or from happening again!

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