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Botkeeper and QuickBooks Online work together to provide the ultimate bookkeeping experience that Accounting Professionals have been waiting for. This page will help you understand the differences between Botkeeper and QuickBooks Online, and how they come together to supercharge your firm.

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The complete platform.

A true automation-based bookkeeping platform will help you operate your end-to-end bookkeeping programs. While there are many bookkeeping solutions available today that can help streamline bookkeeping tasks, not all solutions are built the same. In fact, some solutions are better when they team up to create a powerful, unique partnership. This page will help you understand how Botkeeper connects with QuickBooks Online to get the bookkeeping done for you and your clients!


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Here’s a snapshot of what Botkeeper and QuickBooks Online are.


Botkeeper combines artificial intelligence and machine learning technology with high-quality, skilled accountants to deliver a full-suite bookkeeping and pre-accounting solution to accounting firms and their clients. You and your client base will receive 24/7 accounting and support as well as incredible insight into financials with beautiful dashboards and unlimited reporting. Simply put, Botkeeper automates the bookkeeping.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a cloud-based financial management software. It's designed to slash the time you spend managing your business finances, by helping you with tasks such as: creating estimates and invoices, tracking sales and cash flow, understanding your company's performance, and planning ahead and budgeting. Simply put, QBO is a general ledger that helps to get the bookkeeping done.



Investing in an automated bookkeeping solution can transform your firm. Making sure your chosen solution uses the right set of integrated tools will help drive accuracy, efficiency, security, and ultimately tie all your bookkeeping efforts back to ROI. This is why Botkeeper integrates with QuickBooks Online.

As the #1 accounting software for small businesses, QuickBooks Online is a general ledger software used to manage income and expenses and keep track of a business's financial health. QBO typically requires working with an accountant or bookkeeper to ensure the accuracy of the monthly bookkeeping.

Botkeeper is not a general ledger in itself but rather works alongside the QuickBooks Online general ledger to perform daily accounting needs using a highly skilled accounting team and technology efficiencies.

Botkeeper provides visibility, ease of management, and a 60% increase in efficiency and scale for any firm providing accounting services to clients on QBO. By having the clients QBO account connected to the Botkeeper Platform, the Botkeeper Accounting team can quickly and simple gain visibility into vendor names and line item history, access uncategorized client transactions that can be reviewed by Botkeeper’s machine learning models for categorization, and provide a streamlined transaction inquiry process between Botkeeper, your firm, and your clients.

And to create that seamless month-end close process,  Botkeeper can pull statements directly from your clients’ various financial institutions using our Smart Connect feature and completes the bank & credit card reconciliations directly back in QBO. We then head back over to QBO to extract the standard reports: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows. Then, we upload them conveniently in the Botkeeper Files feature so all your client's QBO reports are in one convenient place and you don't have to go from system to system to retrieve them. 

The Botkeeper and QBO duo result is lightning-fast and hyper-efficient bookkeeping (data entry, reconciliations, classifications, etc.) month after month. 


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Finding the right automated accounting solution for all your bookkeeping needs can become the foundation of your practice and the differentiator you need to grow. If you are a QBO user, you are probably very familiar with automation.

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QuickBooks automated workflows enable growing businesses to reduce the time and cost they spend on processes. QBO allows you to use automation to send and pay invoices, transactional customer communications, and, cash flow management. Rather than manually enter individual transactions that occur over and over, you can automate this process by setting up recurring transactions. Bills, rent payments or income, purchase orders from suppliers, monthly fees for your customers, etc., are all perfect opportunities for recurring transactions. QBO also offers 'QuickBook Online Rules' to automatically document transactions that meet certain conditions. 

Botkeeper uses automation but in a different way. For starters, Botkeeper helps to improve 'QuickBooks Online Rules' functionality, acting as the ‘reviewer’ for those transactions. Then, by having the client's QBO account connected to the Botkeeper Platform, we can then build off the QBO data to use automation to combine various data sources while applying rules, processes, and calculations so you get the most insightful custom reporting and dashboards. We then leverage our machine learning technology to handle the labor-intensive bookkeeping tasks by processing and categorizing transactions at an incredibly high accuracy level and syncing them back to QBO. The technology also learns more about your clients, and accuracy continues to improve. We extract data from receipts, process payroll, pay bills, send invoices, reconcile accounts, and generate beautiful reports.

All this to say that Botkeeper and QBO are basically a dream team of automation!




Average accuracy on transaction categorized by Botkeeper

Number of new clients you can bring on daily with Botkeeper


Average time saved by clients with Botkeeper


Seamless Scoping

Gone are the days of manual scoping. Let the Botkeeper and QBO integration make it seamless. 

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The Botkeeper and QBO connection saves your firm significant time when scoping and onboarding clients to the Botkeeper Platform. For each client you want to bring onto Botkeeper, with just a few mouse clicks, Botkeeper can extract all of your client's data directly from their QBO account into the Botkeeper Platform using our Scoping Tool. This QBO data gives us a high-level understanding of your client's books and their needs, and then allows us to give you calculated suggestions on the best Botkeeper package and pricing for each of your clients from their own QBO data. AND it enables you to scope clients in less than 5 minutes!


Support and Success

Because having the right support is imperative for success, finding exceptional customer service is critical. 


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QuickBooks has both phone and chat support from their website. They offer an incredibly robust support page that includes a searchable knowledge base (one of the best we have seen!), as well as articles, guides, and videos.

All Botkeeper packages include a talented and experienced member of our Growth Partner team. Their role is intended to help empower accounting firms and assist them through periods of change.

Growth Partners are unique to Botkeeper, adding another valuable element to the human-assisted automation we’re so proud to deliver to accounting firms. This team of experienced accounting professionals (even CPAs!) manages the relationships with accounting firms of all sizes, including some of the largest and most innovative firms out there. They offer a broad technical and product knowledge to help accounting firms scale. Their whole end game is to ensure impeccable service and insightful guidance on how to get the most out of Botkeeper’s products and services.

We'd love to talk through our innovative approach to client support and success with you, so click below to speak with one of our experts!


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With QBO alone, you get a ton! Now add Botkeeper's automated solution, and see what your firm is able to achieve.


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With a 98% rate of QuickBooks Online customers saying that their solution helps them run their business more easily, it's no wonder why we feel so lucky to integrate with QBO.

With QBO being the software to do your bookkeeping, Botkeeper can then use this data to take on the tedious and time-consuming tasks your bookkeeper performs, thus reducing the amount of time your firm spends on accounting. It also saves you money and eliminates virtually all errors in your bookkeeping efforts.



Finding a bookkeeping solution that works for you today is as important as finding a solution that continues to work for you in the future. Will the solution you pick today be able to grow as you and your clients grow?

QuickBooks Online offers multiple packages based on the number of users you want to have access to the account. Good thing— because Botkeeper needs an accounting seat for us to access the QBO data!

For Botkeeper, there is no limit to the number of QBO clients you can bring onto the platform. Our volume discounts (the more clients you bring on, the bigger the discount!) offer you flexibility, and our ability to provide bookkeeping solutions for accounting firms that service every industry from restaurants to churches and healthcare providers to construction companies provide you variety. Just like QBO, our solution was built to scale with your firm.



Botkeeper is much more than just software.

We at Botkeeper are invested in your success. We provide you the support and resources to make the most out of the Botkeeper relationship.

  • Free Training & Education Botkeeper resources are available to help you and your entire team learn best practices and successfully execute tactics that grow your business. Take a look at the dozens of resources available, and get started today.
  • Support Is Available For Your Entire Team Anytime you have a question, reach out and we'll answer. Our support team is happy to help, whether it's a question about our software or advice on how to best tackle bookkeeping tasks.
  • Deployment When you start using Botkeeper, you'll have a dedicated team to help you get started with the software, technical setup tasks, and execute your first successful dive into the tool. Learn more about Botkeeper Deployment here.

We've built the Botkeeper Platform to be easy for Accounting Professionals and their clients to use. That's why we're happy to share reviews of everyday professionals using Botkeeper to grow better, just like you. Click below to request a demo.




The beauty of Botkeeper is its ability to scale and adapt to our growing business. After using Botkeeper for only 6 months, we’ve been able to save 30 hours per week on transaction categorizing, 5 hours per week of reconciling deposits, and 10 hours per month on reconciling revenue for just one of our clients! With bookkeeping running seamlessly with Botkeeper, I’m able to focus my time on reviewing output and making recommendations to my clients.
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