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Net income is the measure of business profitability.

Net Income is used to measure the profitability of a business. It is most useful to look at this calculation over time, this allows you to see trends (hopefully positive), in your business health.


Why Net Income Matters...

This calculation can give you a quick snapshot of how a company is doing profitability-wise - to help make decisions for the future.


When should you be looking at Net Income?

It’s important to at least look at these reports at least quarterly, to monitor the pacing and performance trend of your business. This tells you if you’re on the right track! It’s important to note that you need to be looking at a long enough period that the data makes sense - as you may have larger debt one period over another.


Botkeeper can help

Keeping track of your expenses is extremely time-consuming — but the more detailed your systems are, the better your financials will be. With the ability to keep up with your expenses on your phone and make entries on the go, you can evaluate your profit and loss reports whenever and wherever you want. Botkeeper even integrates with your current accounting software and provides automation that effectively categorizes your expenses for you.