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Easy to read ebooks, guides, checklists, and infographics to help you run your accounting firm or business.


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You can find concise, convenient content on bookkeeping, tax prep, general business tips and tricks, as well as in-depth reports and education on more specific subjects, particular methodologies, and advanced problem-solving guides here! Download and share them with your clients.

Tech & CAS_How Advisory Benefits From the Use of Automation_3D mock up cover


Tech & CAS: How Advisory Benefits From the Use of Automation

When it comes to building an efficient and scalable CAS practice, firms can't overlook the power of technology. Learn more in this ebook on advisory and tech.



Hiring & Retaining Premium Talent_3D mock cover


The Accounting Firm's Intro Guide to Hiring & Retaining Premium Talent

Finding and retaining the best accounting talent can feel like a never-ending puzzle—until now. Download this handy guide on improving your hiring & retention practices!



The Great Resignation 3d mock cover v5


The Great Resignation: What Firms Need to Know to Prevent Massive Turnover

Download this ebook to learn more about the "great resignation" and what accounting firms can do to overcome the industry-wide mass exodus.



How to Increase Accounting Firm Capacity 3D mockup ebook cover


How to Increase Accounting Firm Capacity—Without Hiring More People

Download this ebook to discover how capacity planning can be done effectively and efficiently—through the use of technology.



The Rise of CAS_Mock-up 3d book cover-1


The Rise of CAS & Virtual CFO Services: A New Approach for Modern Firms

Audit is changing, and modern firms are taking a new approach when it comes to their service offering. In this ebook, we cover the rise of CAS and virtual CFO services.



3D Mock-up Selling CAS


How to Sell CAS in 2021: Your First Steps Toward Big Results

In order to make money from your client advisory services, you first must know how to sell them. Download this handy guide today!





Is the Automated Tax Return Possible?

The bots aren't coming for your jobs, but they are coming to make tax season easier for you. Download this ebook today to learn how close we are to the truly "touchless" tax return.



The Accountants Guide to the Dos & Donts of Building a CAS Practice_3D Mock Cover


The Accountant's Guide to the Do's & Don'ts of Building a CAS Practice

What should you absolutely do when starting a CAS practice? And on the flip side, what should you avoid doing? Jumpstart your advisory firm with this list of tested strategies—and actions to avoid. Download your copy today!



mock-EBOOK_From Tax to CAS


From Tax to CAS: The Accountant's Guide to Creating More Opportunities

Firms might have different ideas of what growth looks like, but one message resounds: advisory creates opportunities. Download your free ebook now!



How diversity & inclusion benefits your accounting firm _ 3D Mock _ Ebook Cover

How Diversity and Inclusion Benefits Your Accounting Firm

Minority hiring at accounting firms is flat—and it has been since 2012. So what can firms do about it? This ebook highlights the actionable steps a firm can take today to help change the direction of the industry for the better.



Who Benefits the most from Automation 3d mock

Who Benefits the Most From Automation at Your Firm?

Time to value is always a critical consideration, but it's not always easy to identify who benefits the most from each new tool you bring on board. This short guide will help you determine the true value of automation to everyone at your firm.



Prioritizing Internal Growth | Botkeeper


Prioritizing Internal Growth to Achieve Comprehensive Growth

Discover some of the most highly recommended strategies for maintaining internal growth while your firm expands externally, as well. Download this pocket guide to scalability now!



You already use automation | Botkeeper


You Already Use Automation, But Are You Getting the Most Value From It?

Whether or not you realize it, many aspects of daily life are already automated—for the better. Accounting automation has the power to transform how a CPA operates to maximize ROI.



BK for dummies cover


An Accounting Professional's Guide: Botkeeper For Dummies

"Botkeeper For Dummies" is an introduction to the Botkeeping methodology and Botkeeper platform. It’s an easy, straightforward glance at a not-so-simple concept and a baseline on why bringing automation in your practice is so important—and why it's been so challenging for CPAs to do on their own. 



mock- tax guide 2021


Crush Tax Season Without Getting Overwhelmed

It’s no secret that public accountants’ work is seasonal. Every year tax time rolls around and not only creates additional work but a heightened sense of urgency to pile on more stress. In this guide, we’re going to walk through the steps to building a firm that’s ready for tax season—using this crucial time as a growth opportunity.



Finding Profitability Mock


Finding Profitability In Timesheet Data

Inefficiencies run rampant in CPA firms. That probably comes as no surprise to you. You don’t have to look too hard to find something that could be done more effectively. But do you really know what all those inefficiencies equate to?



Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting_Mock up cover


Use Reliable Technology Partners to Be Lean and Mean

The disruptions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic were both internal and external. Some business sectors were affected more than others, but few escaped the far-reaching scope of the pandemic. Firms were faced with finding ways to help their clients at the same time they were adapting to their new business model. That's why now is the perfect time to rethink and retool your office into some sort of hybrid model. The future of work will be very different; that we know.





How to Drive New Revenue With Practical Automation

With AI and ML, you can focus your experience and judgment on the core needs of the business without wasting time on data manipulation. These technologies are driving new opportunities for revenue, enhancing profitability, and fueling the shift to advisory services. The only question that matters is: How will your firm adapt to the new world?

This ebook is your gateway to AI and ML for accountants. Get your copy today!



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From Reactive to Proactive: Optimizing Your Accounting Firm Post-COVID

Accounting is an industry that’s not exactly known for being at the cutting edge of technology or innovation. That’s not to say that accountants themselves aren’t tech-savvy or innovative—those of us in the field can confirm that accountants are creative thinkers and clever problem solvers. But these are unprecedented times, and no one has a guidebook on how to navigate the challenge that is COVID-19 and the resulting economic impacts.



ADP Ebook mock


Payroll Passion Revived during a Pandemic

As accountants, we should explore anything that allows us to take a deep dive into
higher-level advisory work — that’s where our true value lies. Accounting software cleans up the mundane grunt work that bogs firms down in menial labor. It’s a needed technology. However, so is HR as a whole. This eBook will share the innovative perspectives and actions being taken by ADP, and the tools they have available for customers.



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4 Times Accounting Mistakes Cost Big Companies Big Money

You’d think a degree in accounting and finance would be a requirement to help run a big company, especially as errors in financial spreadsheets can put millions of dollars at risk for these organizations. But if the four cautionary tales in this ebook are an example of how it’s normally done, it might seem that a degree isn’t required at all.



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Bookkeeping Meets AI: Trends and Predictions for the Future of Accounting

By now you’re probably used to the integration of various forms of technology in the accounting industry, including machine learning, cloud computing, and different forms of automation. Small and large accounting firms alike have begun recognizing the importance of automation as they move forward with modern-day trends in bookkeeping.



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4 Signs that Your Bookkeeper is Stealing from You

Theft, fraud, embezzlement, larceny, appropriation, swindling—have you been hearing a lot of these terms lately? Sadly, a quick glance at any major news outlet will show you that bookkeeper theft has been rampant this past year, resulting in dozens of cases of fraud. The idea of a bookkeeper stealing money from you is almost inconceivable for many business owners. However, do you know what to look for? 



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7 Experts Weigh In On the Future of Accounting

Every industry is impacted by the rise of technology and automation, and for many, that can be an overwhelming—possibly even scary—thought. Our friend Jody Padar, The Radical CPA, conducted a series of interviews with accounting industry thought leaders and influencers, and we pulled together this collection of highlights as they relate to select questions.



Whitepaper2Obstacles_mockup 3d cover-01


Overcoming the 5 Biggest Obstacles to Growing Your Accounting Firm

A helpful guide for accountants

With an ever-changing landscape, the accounting industry has seen drastic disruption over the past few years. Accounting is a profession with many nuances—working long hours, keeping up with evolving tax laws, managing complex client relationships, etc.—how does a firm manage to stay competitive when new obstacles seem to emerge every day?





The Accountant's Guide to Selecting an Automated Accounting Solution

A helpful guide for accounting professionals

It’s no longer a question of if you need technology to survive—it’s about which technology is the best fit for your accounting firm. Numerous factors weigh in on the decision to invest in technology. This selection guide was created to assist you through the process of knowing what to consider when it comes to accounting software built on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).



mock- COVID-19 Survival kit 2020

COVID-19 Survival Kit for Accountants

The COVID-19 crisis has created a unique challenge for business in America, from new loans and grants for small businesses to changing tax laws and deadlines. Along with the day-to-day news updates regarding shelter-in-place orders and local government enforcements, there’s a lot to keep track of. But as with any challenge, opportunity arises.



3d book cover mockup (3)

Artificial Intelligence for Accounting: An Introductory Guide

Here, we’re going to delve into the specifics of AI, its uses in accounting, and the impacts of incorporating it into your daily life. Read on for an approachable intro to AI, and if you’re an accounting firm, share this guide with your clients so they better understand why automation is so important for their businesses!



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The Advanced Guide to Automation in the Accounting Industry

Like the transition from the abacus to the calculator, the accounting industry eagerly embraces changing technology—and the ability to make accountants' lives easier. Just as accountants embraced the convenience of spreadsheet technology, so a new generation of accountants is taking advantage of the latest advance in technology: automation.



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Breaking Down Blockchain for Accountants in 2020—and Beyond

Blockchain technology, along with being a new buzzword, is also one of the most exciting technologies of the 21st century. A universally decentralized ledger system that can share data among an infinite number of users—a blockchain is unhackable. Due to its ability to share data and simultaneously record real-time transactions on every single computer connected to its network, the technology can’t be interfered with. If anyone tries to hack or scam a blockchain, the entire chain takes notice, and the chain will be forked where the hack happened, eliminating the culprit from the chain.



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How Changing Compliance Software Will Impact Finance in the Future

There was a time when compliance was resigned to a few employees working through Microsoft Excel. However, modern regulations are now much stricter than before. Financial crime and non-compliance can be detected much more easily than before. Hence, the software has had to take over. Over time, the software has become more complex and automated several processes for efficiency. It’s safe to say the software will have a far-reaching impact on the financial sector.



What’s the Difference between AI and ML Ebook


What’s the Difference between AI and ML?

Artificial or augmented intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become hot topics in tech, business, and our everyday lives. In fact, a Google News search for the term “AI” returned 26.1 million results within the last 24 hours alone. But do we all know what we're talking about when it comes to AI and ML? Download the ebook to learn more!



9 Challenges All Restaurant Owners Face—And What To Do About Them Ebook


9 Challenges All Restaurant
Owners Face—And What To
Do About Them

Someone should really write a tell-all book for business success that includes a money-back guarantee. There's no doubt that we'd buy that book. But since it doesn't exist (yet), the next-best alternative is to research and learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes and pain points your business might face. 



How to Overcome Top NonProfit Financial Challenges Ebook


How to Overcome Top NonProfit Financial Challenges 

Shocker: No one enters the world of nonprofits to make big money. In fact, the average salary for an executive director position at a nonprofit is around $61k, which is barely above the average income for US workers ($59,039). But thankfully, working at a nonprofit is more than a salary—it can be rewarding beyond compare and a real way to effect change. They say money isn’t everything, right?!



How to Bill a Million Dollars per FTE CPA Using Technology Ebook


How to Bill a Million Dollars per FTE CPA Using Technology

Learn how small firms with one full-time equivalent (FTE) partner and one FTE support person are able to generate $1,000,000 a year. This is accomplished with the help of technology to create efficiency and some outsourced help. If you are willing to change the way you’ve always done things, you too can increase the amount of revenue generated per partner.



9 Signs You Have a Bad Bookkeeper Ebook

9 Signs You Have a Bad Bookkeeper

Hiring the right bookkeeper is hard, but employing someone who provides bad bookkeeping is worse. We've pulled together a list of warning signs to help you determine if your bookkeeper is good for the biz or needs to take a walk.



Building a Botbrain ebook

Building a Botbrain

Download the complimentary ebook to learn how to build and deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence to create automated bookkeeping in your accounting practice.



From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide Ebook

From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide

This book is more than a checklist. This is where goals are defined, and initiatives are completed, despite the intense demand of your workload. This is where extra capacity is found, firm goals are shared, and all the related parties understand priorities and possibilities.



Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business Owners Ebook

Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business Owners

Help your clients get a better understanding of bookkeeping basics with this ebook, which covers everything they need to know, including what bookkeeping is, how it differs from accounting, and six steps to completing bookkeeping like a pro. Download it today and share it with your clients to help them help you!



Cash Basis Accounting vs Accrual Accounting Ebook

Cash Basis Accounting vs Accrual Accounting

If you’re in the process of launching a business and haven’t yet filed your first tax return, you’re in the perfect position to determine which accounting method is best for you. In this eBook, we'll discuss; Definitions of both Cash Basis and Accrual Basis, how the different methods compare, and how to choose which is right for your business!



5 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Tax Planning Ebook

5 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Tax Planning

Tax planning and preparation is a highly complex process but it can be broken down into a few distinct buckets and simplified to allow business owners to get through it efficiently. In this ebook, we'll breakdown all the basics to ensure you get the most for your money.



The Definitive Guide to Small Business Expenses Ebook

The Definitive Guide to Small Business Expenses

This guide to small business expenses will walk you through: What you should and shouldn't expense, how to track them so that tax time is easier, what depreciation and amortization are, and why they matter, what and how to deduct so that your tax burden isn’t quite so hefty. 



Outsourced Bookkeeping: Nearly Everything You Need To Know Ebook

Outsourced Bookkeeping: Nearly Everything You Need To Know

Outsourcing is a relatively new solution to a relatively old problem. There’s not enough time or labor to handle every mechanism in the growing machine, leaving companies in a bind about how to maximize their resources. In the past, companies had few strategies for approaching this balancing act, but outsourcing has opened the doors to a world of new options. These days, outsourced services are the ideal way for a business to handle non-essential administrative tasks, with a special shout-out to one of the most important: Bookkeeping.



Everything You Need to Know About ROBS: Roll Over as Business Startup ebook

Everything You Need to Know About ROBS: Roll Over as Business Startup

What is ROBS? One of the more innovative funding strategies out there has to be Rollover as Business Startups or ROBS. Through ROBS, entrepreneurs and startup owners can use funds from their personal retirement accounts (IRA, 401k) to fund their ventures. As we’ll discuss, this can be an effective way to supplement traditional financing options without the hassles of qualifying for loans. Let’s review the benefits, and yes, the drawbacks, of ROBS funding and why you may want to consider it to support your business’s growth.


501(c)(3) & Non-Profit Tax Filing Tips Ebook

501(c)(3) & Non-Profit Tax Filing Tips

Don’t freak out, but your non-profit tax filing deadline is quickly approaching. Individuals, businesses, and 501(c)(3) or charitable organizations will be required to file by the deadline required by their classification, and even though the tax filing deadline for most 501c3's is May 15, now is the time to start preparing. This ebook will walk you through tips and tricks on getting prepped quickly and effectively!



Tax Planning for Beginners: 6 Key Principles Explained ebook

Tax Planning for Beginners: 6 Key Principles Explained

Tax planning is, by definition, an assessment of your financial situation from a tax perspective for the purposes of reducing how much money you owe the govt. You do this through proper planning which includes strategizing, timing, and more. A little bit of planning now can help you save big later. In this ebook, we'll review a few basic principles for the benefit of both individuals and small business owners.



Streamlining Your Accounting and Back Office

Streamlining Your Accounting and Back Office

Your back office is the brain of your business. In this presentation, you will learn about the state of the back office today, challenges stemming from the mix of the accounting, front desk operations, as well as how technology is helping to solve those problems and change the landscape. Which systems should you be thinking about? How do you build them? Where do you start?



Board Report Template template

Board Report Template

The customizable board report deck comes with tons of examples, graphs, charts and slides that will wow your investors at the next boardroom meeting.



Gartner's Cool Vendors in Artificial Intelligence Report 2018

Gartner's Cool Vendors in Artificial Intelligence Report 2018

Business partnerships with AI vendors focusing on SMBs help accelerate technology and service provider market expansion.  Technology product managers targeting SMBs can consider partnering with such vendors as they continue to expand their product designs, roadmap efforts, and business sustainability.




Videos and Presentations

Presentations, talks, and demos, recorded for your viewing pleasure.
Avoiding virtual pitfalls
Avoiding Virtual Pitfalls with Jody Padar and Justin Whitehead

There are a number of cyber risks popping up that can put your systems and data at risk. Bad actors are taking advantage of remote workers - here's what you need to look out for

Leading a remote team
Covid-19: Leading a Remote Team - An Interview with Gretchen Pisano

Botkeeper VP of Strategy Jody Padar and pLink Leadership CEO and cofounder Gretchen Pisano discussed what it takes to lead a remote team

Art of leadership
The Art of the Leadership Pivot

Gretchen Pisano’s pointer for nailing the pivot and common missteps: Every new day is an opportunity to communicate and support your clients.

Leading while afraid
Leading while afraid

The world in the time of Corona is upside-down! In the next six to ten months, new legislation, new social and professional norms, and new practices in every sector will become solidified to create a new normal. Where does this position CPAs?

cares act opportunities
CARES Act Opportunities for Your Clients

Are you trying to ensure your clients take advantage of every opportunity the CARES Act presents them? Learn more with Nellie Akalp, founder and CEO of CorpNet to help your clients better navigate their options! 

Dealing with emotional ramifications
Dealing with emotional ramifications

What does virtual leadership mean in a coronavirus environment? Listen to the full recording of this video interview for more awesome insights to help you and your team right now!

3 Approaches to Bookkeeping Tips and Tricks to Help You Become a Pro

Poor accounting is a weakness for many small businesses. For owners, finding the time to do the job right isn’t easy. Thankfully, there’s another way.

5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Bookkeeping Efficient

With improved accuracy and speed, Botkeeper offers you the chance to leverage technology in a way that can greatly benefit your business.

The Cost of Bad Bookkeeping

The importance of making the right bookkeeping decision for your business should not be underestimated. Make sure your business will never fall victim to sloppy bookkeeping!

5 Steps to Streamline Your Bookkeeping Operations
Instead of falling farther and farther behind, check out our 5 steps to streamlining your bookkeeping operations!
7 Things All Business Owners Do Daily

If you're just getting into business for yourself, you might be wondering what to expect. Learn more in our video, "7 things All Business Owners do Daily"!

Four Signs that Your Bookkeeper is Stealing

Watching for these major red flags can help clear the way for you to take steps as needed Do you know what to look for? Here are 4 signs that can help you determine if your bookkeeper is stealing!

5 Bookkeeping Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Bookkeeping is both time-consuming and expensive, but what if you used an automated bookkeeping service to get that time and money back

How COVID-19 has and will disrupt the Accounting Industry.

Join Botkeeper VP of Strategy Jody Padar and Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA talking about the disruptions the accounting industry has seen so far and what may continue to come our way.

The Impact on the Accounting Profession

In this trying times, how do all of these uncertainties for CPAs and Accountants impact future revenue, staffing, firm operations, and more? Join our VP of Strategy, Jody Pada get the scoop from Daniel Hood, editor-in-chief of Accounting Today, on the findings from their recent survey done in conjunction with ADP.

From Reactive To Proactive Optimizing Your Accounting Firm Post-pandemic (1)
From Reactive To Proactive: Optimizing Your Accounting Firm Post-COVID.

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the business landscape, and likely forever. Accounting professionals have seen the impact firsthand, in their own firms, as well as within their clients’ businesses. But as the “reactive” period starts giving way to the next phase, there is a big unanswered question for a lot of the firms out there - “what the heck happens next?!”

A Q & A Session with Jody Padar  The Bridge to the Cloud with Wolters Kluwer and Botkeeper (1)
A Q & A Session with Jody Padar | The Bridge to the Cloud with Wolters Kluwer and Botkeeper.

How can you continue to differentiate your offering, and ensure your clients’ success? How do you adopt new technologies and new processes that can help us live in the “new normal”? Now is your chance to get the answers to these questions! Watch the live Q&A session with Jody Padar, VP of Strategy at Botkeeper, and The Radical CPA who has successfully achieved the "No-Touch Tax Return" to get those questions answered!

COVID19 Managing Talent in the New Normal
COVID19: Managing Talent in the New Normal.

Join Jody Padar, The Radical CPA and Botkeeper Vice President of Strategy with Jordan Birnbaum, Chief Behavioral Economist at ADP as they talk about how the pandemic has changed hiring, managing, and engaging staff, long-term and also to learn how we can have shared success moving forward.

COVID19 How Accountant Can Help Clients
COVID19: How Accountants C