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TM2 Tiffany Miller
The beauty of Botkeeper is its ability to scale and adapt to our growing business. After using Botkeeper for only 6 months, we’ve been able to save 30 hours per week on transaction categorizing, 5 hours per week of reconciling deposits, and 10 hours per month on reconciling revenue for just one of our clients! With bookkeeping running seamlessly with Botkeeper, I’m able to focus my time on reviewing output and making recommendations to my clients rather than just spending all my time on categorizing transactions, preparing statements and documents.
Tiffany Miller
Managing Partner | TM2 Accounting Solutions
I can safely say that Botkeeper is the reason we can confidently transition 100% of our new small business to our Virtual Accounting Group. We can offer them a full suite bookkeeping solution—technology, service and features. Now, we have an outstanding platform that uses artificial intelligence, meaningful features that help us display and analyze our clients’ data, and even more—exceptional customer service from both the Gettry and Botkeeper teams to offer our clients. The trifecta!
Steven Marcus
Managing Partner | Gettry Marcus
Bob Jahelka Partner DCJCPA
We hadn’t seen any good tech-focused options that provided the services we needed. When we found out about Botkeeper, that all changed. We realized that they were bringing a leading-edge solution to the accounting profession, and DSJCPA needed it. As we learned more, we realized that Botkeeper would be a more efficient, cost-effective way to better service our clients and increase our margins. They could help us create workflows and eliminate our key-punching accounting practices. Their robust solution could help us differentiate and give us the tools we needed to attract more business to help reach our sales goals.
Bob Jahelka
Managing Partner | DSJCPA


"Botkeeper has allowed my more experienced staff to utilize the experience that they came throughout their career and truly focus on what  they enjoy doing."

Jimmy Lee - Bennett Thrasher


Micah Cannon, Partner, Club Capital
With our Botkeeper partnership, Club Capital can now spend more time innovating and talking about our strategy to bring on more clients. Botkeeper has allowed us to work more on the strategic management level side, where we wanted to be spending our time. There is no way we could be the tech-focused innovative firm we want to be and reach our growth goals if we didn’t have Botkeeper.
Micah Cannon
Partner & COO | Club Capital
Stephen Jahelka, Chief Business Officer, DSJ CPA
Botkeeper has helped us to form our plan for execution, and we are excited to ramp up. We know that Botkeeper will become the building base for all DSJCPA clients. It will become the backbone of our company’s new structure.
Stephen Jahelka
Chief Business Officer | DSJCPA
John Yeager, Director, Bennett Thrasher LLP
As a Top 100 accounting firm, Bennett Thrasher is always evaluating how to leverage people and technology to create value for our clients. We are excited to Partner with Botkeeper and deploy this leading-edge technology to our clients.
John Yeager
Managing Director of Business Transformation Services | Bennett Thrasher LLP

Nina Chmura,

Partner, Withum

"Botkeeper is working as an extension of us."

Nina Chmura - Withum


I knew it would be important for us to leverage technology to automate more of the bookkeeping process to create capacity so that we could deliver additional higher-value advisory services as part of our plans for growing our CAS segment. In learning more about Botkeeper, we viewed it as a strategic use of tech-enabled staff to service our accounts more efficiently, accurately, economically—the key step to pulling us out of the day-to-day transactional compliance work. The human element of it gave us more comfort that our accounts would be serviced with the same level of quality and care that we'd expect. We've been seeing an average reduction in monthly staff prep time ranging between 50% to 70% for those clients that we've onboarded to Botkeeper. This tells us that we're moving in the right direction of really being able to free up staff time to focus on those additional services. I think our firm really viewed the partnership with Botkeeper as a game-changer for us and really a critical investment in our firm's growth and the growth of our CAS practice. I have had a great experience so far and am certainly looking ahead and excited as far as what the future holds for us and continuing to work with Botkeeper.
Elizabeth Butchart
Senior Manager | Clayton & McKervey
Elinor Litwack, GRF CPAs and Advisors
Choosing a best-in-class tech stack is key to refining expertise and streamlining our services. Although we are regularly evaluating new tools and new features within existing tools, our strategy involves a hand-picked set of tools that make up our current tech stack. Leaders building a tech stack will need to remain agile and accept failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.
Elinor Litwack
Partner | GRF CPAs & Advisors
A.J. Hosenfeld, RiverRidge CPAs
We are very excited that Botkeeper has made the decision to solely support the accounting industry. We are planning to partner with Botkeeper for a long time and we plan to scale up our business with the expertise and assistance of the Botkeeper team.
A.J. Hosenfeld
Partner | RiverRidge CPAs
Evan Paris, JHR Consulting LLC
This new business model presents an opportunity for CPA firms to not only leverage the bookkeeping services Botkeeper offers but also their portal. The Botkeeper portal was clearly was built for those that provide accounting services and is a tool that, when presented to clients, shows that the CPA firm has been deliberate and thoughtful on how they intend to provide services to their clients: professionally and efficiently.
Evan Paris
Principal | JHR Consulting LLC
Heather Huotari, Eide Bailly 2
I’ve used Botkeeper for 4 clients so far. It has just been a great experience overall. I would love to put all my clients onto Botkeeper. The onboarding process was really easy, only taking 10 minutes! During onboarding, the Botkeeper team walks you through the process. You describe to them what your firm does for the client and any information they need. It felt like training an associate that would be doing the work for you, so they know what to expect and how to encounter certain situations. I feel like the more information you give them at that time, the more successful they will be, so you don’t have to worry about the data entry work. In the last 6 months, we've spent less than half the amount of time on the 4 clients we have on Botkeeper as we used to spend on them, which is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about Botkeeeper—I always say I am drinking the Kool-Aid!
Heather Huotari
Manager | Eide Bailly
Sheryl B
I love being able to look and see everything in one report, and I also love that my books are reconciled and up to date nearly daily, so every time I look it is valid data. SO HELPFUL! Also, they take the time to teach me how to do things on my own if I am confused about anything. My old, super expensive accountants never did that, and they were super slow, and it was always a point of pain for me. Botkeeper does everything I don't want to do—and they do it fast and accurately.
Sheryl B
Words to describe Botkeeper- Responsive: They have a very quick response time for questions/issues/reports/etc. Customizable: We're developing our systems and engagement with Botkeeper as our needs evolve. They're more than bookkeepers; they're thought partners as well. Convenient: The day-to-day, like processing invoices and sending payments, is a breeze. We used to do a lot manually and hard copy, but with Botkeeper we can use email, the app, and the online portal, depending on what's fastest and easiest for us.
Theodora Higginson Hanna
Co-Executive Director | Tech Goes Home
jon medieros
Botkeeper most certainly stood out in their ability to leverage technology as well as human capital—at a very attractive price point—to accomplish a number of accounting processes. The Botkeeper feature that was most appealing was the combination of cutting-edge technology coupled with the human element. This aspect on top of the technology that Botkeeper has built is a winning combination. Things get done so efficiently now—we've drastically cut down the risk of human error.
Jon Medeiros
Head of Finance | Ovia Health
Nina Chmura, Partner, Withum
We really think thoughtfully about how we are going to bring in our youngest and least experienced team members and be able to grow them to be fantastic advisors in just a short time. And Botkeeper has really been integral to being able to do that for us. We were spending so much time doing transaction codings and the baseline bookkeeping for our clients, that it was keeping our advisors from having that “people touch.” They simply had to get through too much of the work. Now we've been able to convert them a bit to be more people-centric, talking to our clients and doing the advisory type of work that we find to be much higher-value and less in the weeds of transaction coding and bank recs.
Nina Chmura
Partner | Withum

Jon Stroud, Realtor at Stroud Fine Homes

"I used to spend over 8 hours per month pulling data—Botkeeper took this off my hands, making them worth every penny!"

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